EFB 1 biss on Eutelsat

Satellite technical details and biss key.
Eutelsat 9°E
11996 V 27500 SID:0272  New Freq 
Biss:E8 76 F0 4E 8B A5 11 41 

EFB prides itself on its team of executives who have experience as Producers as well as extensive contacts in the film industry worldwide. We understand the many challenges of producing and in particular with managing complex international co-productions.

We have the ability to respond and make decisions quickly within our simple corporate structure. Our underwriting is strong and very reliable with top ratings and with worldwide recognition and approval.

EFB aims to operate its business in the Scandinavian way of openness and friendliness without losing sight of the necessary high level of professionalism and integrity required to complete any project. We work across the globe while always retaining an individual and European approach to film making.

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