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Download Kyng File Converter V1.02

Kyng File Converter V1.02 have converting options for Channel Editor, Net File Editor, Key Editor and Cards Data Editor. It is available here for the download, it can be used in Computer PC.

Lets download Kyng File Converter V1.02

Kyng File Converter V1.02 1.17 MB DOWNLOAD


Kyng File Converter

More about Kyng File Converter V1.02

LittleCoyote of the team KYNG has made available a small utility which converts in any direction, all the file types of the brands Atlas HD.

Atlas HD100 Atlas HD200 Bxxx boot Atlas HD200Se Dxxx boot

Henceforth, there is no need for additional utilities.
Owners of HD200Se to Dxxx boot will be able to use any file in any KYNG tool, and vice versa, owners of HD100 and HD200 Bxxx boot will be able to use any file from a HD200Se Dxxx boot.

Ex: Owners of HD200Se Dxxx boot – You save your file KCF, KBN, KCF or KNF. You then want to use one of the KYNG tools (KACE, KBN Editor, NetFile Editor or Key Editor), Use this small utility, convert your file into HD200 Bxxx boot format. Use the tool, make your changes etc …, save the file and then re-use the File Converter utility to re-convert to H200 Dxxx boot format.

Reverse operations can be performed.

PS: Only KACE v5.02.1 does the conversion at the moment. So in principle you would not need the converter for KCF files unless you simply want to use a KCF file made but from another version.

If you turn in 64bits, take the bin64 directory. In principle even the contents of the 32-bit directory also work but with Windows you have to expect everything.
Copy the files either to System32 of Windows, Or in the same directory as the executable.
For Windows 32bits, likewise, take the contents of the bin32 directory.

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