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Discovery Channel Europe

Discovery Networks Europe is a subsidiary of American Discovery Networks International. The network was established in 1989 with its headquarters based in London and New York.

As of February 2011 Discovery Networks Europe comprises two different branches: Discovery Networks Western Europe and Discovery Networks CEEMEA. The networks main headquarters are in London and Warsaw with regional offices in Amsterdam, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Madrid, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Stockholm among others.


Discovery Europe Package channels detail

Animal Planet Europe
Discovery Channel Central Europe
Investigation Discovery Europe
Investigation Discovery Xtra
Discovery Channel Middle East
Discovery Science Europe
Discovery World
Animal Planet Türkiye HD
Discovery Channel Türkiye HD
Discovery Science Türkiye HD
Eurosport 2 Poland
Eurosport 2 Deutschland
(Eurosport feed / Turkish and Nordic Eurosport 1)
Eurosport 1 Deutschland
Eurosport 1
Eurosport 2
Eurosport 2 BL
Discovery Europe Channels @4.8°E
12322 V 27500
Discovery Europe
(4.8E – 12322 V 27500)
ECMKey0: 55 66 C5 A5 FB 47 E9 – active
ECMKey1: 13 7D E3 36 5A 83 79 – new valid

P 0000 00 5566C5A5FB47E9 ; active
P 0000 01 137DE3365A8379 ; new valid

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