Discovery channel PowerVU Key on Intelsat 21 @ 58.1 W

Discovery channel is a famous documentary channels network available for almost all regions including Asia, Middle East and Europe. Discovery network is available also on Intelsat-21 @ 58.1w

discovery channel

please note down discovery package satellite technical paramaters and its powervu key.

Intelsat 21 at 58.1°W
Discovery Channel Network
3960 V 30000
00: 1E 0D B7 45 2A 44 46
01: B3  2E 0A 3B 49 6A 98
Channels list of  this package 
TLC Latinoamérica
Discovery Civilization
Discovery Science Latinoamérica
Discovery Turbo América Latina
Discovery Channel Brasil
Discovery Turbo Brasil
Discovery Kids Brasil
Discovery Home & Health Brasil
TLC Brasil
Investigação Discovery Brasil
Animal Planet Brasil

Powervu decoder is used to decode channel’s codes to decrypt broadcasting of satellite channels which using powervu encryption. powervu decoder is called satellite digital receiver which having all other coding modules such as biss , seca, viaccess and irdeto. there is no any biss card , users required a module in their satellite decoder to put 16 digit biss key as well as for powervu key.

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