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Boom Africa, TCM Mena and Cartoon Network biss keys

Turner Classic Movies (abbreviated as TCM) is a digital television channel featuring classic movies, mostly from the Turner Entertainment and Warner Bros. film libraries, which include many MGM, United Artists, RKO and Warner Bros. titles. This version of the channel is available in Africa and the Arab world. In the Arab world, TCM has a unique schedule, it broadcasts in 4:3, and Arabic subtitles are optional.
tcm mena

TCM MENA started broadcasting on January 1, 2016, the date when it separated from TCM Africa and became an independent feed.

TCM Middle East and Africa is available exclusively on beIN Channels Network in the Arab world and DStv in Africa.

Eutelsat 10A (10.0°E)
Boom Africa
11580 V 3329
CW: 4E 21 56 C5 CC A5 CF 40
11585 V 3329
CW: 4E 21 56 C5 CC A5 CF 40
11590 v 3329
CW: 4E 21 56 C5 CC A5 CF 40
cartoon network mena
Cartoon Network MEA (or Cartoon Network Africa and Cartoon Network MENA) is a formerly pan-European digital TV channel serving the Arab world, Africa, Greece and Cyprus, created by Turner Broadcasting System, a unit of Time Warner and dedicated to showing animated programming. Based on the original American version of the channel (which itself launched on October 1, 1992), it launched on September 17, 1993 and split from Cartoon Network UK/Europe in August 1999.

Cartoon Network used to broadcast in time-sharing with Turner Classic Movies. TCM would air classic movies from 9:00 PM CET to 6:00 AM CET, while Cartoon Network would run for the rest of the day.

On July 1, 2016, Cartoon Network MEA was split into two separate channels – an African feed in SD on DStv which only broadcasts in English, and a MENA feed in HD on beIN which also features an Arabic audio track. The feeds have differing schedules and programming, and differ in censorship rules as well.

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