Bolivia TV (formerly known as Boliviana TV or TVB), is a chain television belonging to the National Broadcasting System of the Bolivian Plurinational State of Bolivia . His first regular transmission was 30 as August as 1969 . It is affiliated to the channel Telesur and the radio station Radio Patria Nueva .

In theory, the mission of a national television channel (like others of its kind, for example the BBC , Spanish TV , TVN Chile , etc.) is to report objectively and contribute to social and cultural development. But in practice, since its founding in 1969, Bolivian Television has always functioned as an instrument of propaganda , the current government in Bolivia, and its programming has depended on the vagaries of the party in government function but with some variations. It has 160 stations throughout the country.

technical detail and biss keys.

Bolivia TV

Intelsat 805 55.5°W
3759 H 2963-3/4
Biss: C7 32 00 F9 9E 20 10 CE

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