Biss keys for BACKUP TSA on Hisapsat


TSA Feeds Biss Keys

Hisapsat 30°W

10890 V 27500 SD

CW BISS: 11 22 33 66 44 44 44 CC

CW BISS: 11 22 33 66 55 55 55 FF

Biss keys for BACKUP TSA on Hisapsat



With 25 years’ experience behind it and over 1,000 professionals, TSA is a reference point, in Spain and internationally, for audiovisual projects and the production and transmission of content for the broadcast industry.

From our Madrid headquarters, we cater to the European, African and Middle Eastern markets, and we work with the Latin American continent via our branches located in the following countries: Brazil, for the Brazilian market, Peru, for the South American market, and Mexico, for Central and North America.

Our technical resources include: 27 in-house DSNGs, 3 Mobile Units for HD production, 2 studios and 14 transmitting antennas. Moreover, our control centre and playout facilities enable us to offer highly reliable external services to our customers. Our human resources are made up of over 130 professionals who work on the maintenance, operation, etc. of customers’ facilities and more than 30 engineers assigned to systems integration, which enables us to provide a rapid and professional response to any requirement or contingency that may arise for our clients.

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