ETV Sport belongs to Ethopian Broadcasting Comapny, ETV Sport is available on NSS 12. and using biss encryption which is very easy to decode. we are sharing biss key of ETV SPORT as well as its satellite technical detail in this post.

Know about Ethopian broadcasting company,

The Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) is an Ethiopian public service broadcaster. It is headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and it is the country’s oldest and largest broadcaster.

The EBC was established by the order of Emperor Haile Selassie and initially operated by a British firm, Thomson. It’s 100% owned by the Ethiopian government. Its programming includes news, sport, music and other entertainment. A majority of the programming is broadcast in Amharic, the official federal language of the government of Ethiopia. In addition some news segments are broadcast in other languages such as Afaan Oromo, Somali, Tigrinya, Qafaraf, Harari, as well as English.

EBC has entertainment programs like ‘Ethiopian Idol,’ which features similar content to American talent show American Idol. In recent years ETV has transmitted a few matches per week from some European Football Leagues (2007 Spanish La Liga, 2008 English Premier League), plus some international matches. EBC transmits its programmes on 4 satellite stations.


Let’s know the satellite and biss key detail of ETV Sport Channel.

NSS-12 @ 57° East
Fréq: 3639 – L – 2170
MPEG 2 – 4:2:0 – SDTV
CW: 1F 2B 3C 86 4D 5E EF 9A

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