BBc Network Biss Key on Intelsat 907


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service broadcaster. It is headquartered at Broadcasting House in London, and is the world’s oldest national broadcasting organisation and the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees, with over 20,950 staff in total, of whom 16,672 are in public sector broadcasting; including part-time, flexible as well as fixed contract staff, the total number is 35,402.

satellite paramaters of bbc which is decoded with biss key.

Intelsat 907 @ 27.5° West
11495 V 44100 9/10  DVB-S2/QPSK
Biss: D5 81 F9 4F 24 11 2D 62
BBC One London SID: 1044
BBC One Scotland  SID: 107c
BBC 1 Northern Ireland SID: 107d
BBC One Wales   SID: 107e
BBC Two England  SID: 10bf
BBC Three (20-05) SID: 10c0
BBC News   SID: 1100
BBC Four (20-04)  SID: 11c0
CBBC (08-20)   SID: 1200
CBeebies (07-20)  SID: 1240
BBC Parliament  SID: 1280
BBC promo   SID: 1c00
BBC Two HD  SID: 4440
BBC One HD  SID: 4484
ITV 1 HD SID: 44c8
Channel 4 London HD  SID: 4500
CBBC HD (07-19)   SID: 4600
BBC Three HD (19-04) SID: 46c0

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