Az TV Biss



AzTV or Azerbaijan Television (Azerbaijani: Az?rbaycan Televiziyas?) is a state-controlled national television channel in Azerbaijan. It is the oldest television channel in the country, having first broadcast from Baku on 14 February 1956 in what was then the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic.

The channel has been owned since 2005 by the Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting Closed Joint-stock Company (Azerbaijani: Az?rbaycan Televiziya v? Radio Verili?l?ri Qapal? S?hmdar C?miyy?ti), of which the national government is the only shareholder. This company also owns the channels ?dman Az?rbaycan TV (Sport Azerbaijan TV) and M?d?niyy?t TV (Culture TV).

Az TV Biss

In 2007, an application by AzTV to join the European Broadcasting Union was rejected after the channel was found to be too closely associated with the ruling government.

Programming on AzTV primarily consists of news, talk shows, documentaries, music shows, and feature films.
Here is detail of satellite paramaters and biss key.

Turksat 3A 42° East
10965 H 12800
FEC : 5/6
Biss key : 12 34 56 00 65 43 21 00 (only football encrypted)

46.0°E ( AzerSpace 1)
11135 H 27500
BISS KEY: 12 34 56 9C 65 43 21 C9

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