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Asia Football Feeds – TSC 2016 – 18 Dec

TSC 2016, Jayapura – Persipura Jayapura won a beautiful Christmas gift this year with the title Torabika Soccer Championship presented by IM3 Ooredoo. Trophy belongs to the team after winning the Black Pearl bend PSM Makassar 4-2 on Sunday (18/12/2016) afternoon.

Playing in Jayapura Mandala Stadium, Ricardo Salampessy and his friends could not be partying with their captain Boaz Solossa. The reason Boaz had to fight to defend the Indonesian national team in the AFF Cup 2016.

TSC 2016
ID: di Telkom 1 (108.2°E)
TP:4005 H 6000
SID: 0001
CW: 08 56 92 F0 69 26 60 EF


same feed also available here
Palapa D (113.0°E):
3756 H 6250 (MPEG4/FTA)
Biss: 08 56 92 F0 69 26 60 EF

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