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About ARY Digital Package Arrival On Paksat Satellite

From about 2 or 3 weeks ago ARY Digital Package was started on Pakistani satellite Paksat 1R, it was started and within one day it got off. after that the same package started again on another transponder but this time once again it got off air, same like twice ARY Digital Package was started 3rd time in the end August 2019 on a 3rd different transponder and same like before it off air again.

May be this package is getting some difficulties on Paksat 1R, and we have hope that soon this package will be start regularly on Paksat 1R.

Currently ARY Digital Package is available on Asiasat 7 @ 105.5 east, and it is available here from several years, a report received from online source during the Paksat 1R arriving activity that ARY Digital package was off for a short period from Asiasat 7 satellite too but later it back again, Later a confirmation received from ARY team that their was short circuit of electricity incident was been in ARY broadcasting center, which was the reason of off-airing all channels from satellite (Asiasat 7 @ 105.5 e).

Channels detail of ARY Digital package is written bellow.

ARY Zindagi FTA Drama & Entertainment
Nickelodeon Pakistan Paid Kids
ARY Family FTA Drama & Entertainment
ARY Digital Asia FTA Drama & Entertainment
ARY Digital UK (ARY World) Paid News & Entertainment
ARY QTV FTA Islamic Religious
ARY Musik FTA Music
ARY Digital UAE Paid Drama & Entertainment
ARY News UK & USA Paid News
ARY News Pakistan FTA News
HBO Pakistan Paid English Movies
ARY Digital USA Paid Drama & Entertainment
ARY Zauq FTA/Paid Cooking

Satellite Paramaters on Asiasat 7 @ 105.5 east

Frequency 4060
Polarity Vertical
Symbole Rate 26667

Here are 3 different transponders where ARY Digital package was seen temporarily on Paksat 1R @ 38east

Frequency 3785 3777 4051
Polarity Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal
Symbole Rate 26667 14400 14400


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