Abertis Spanish DTT Sat biss keys

Abertis Infraestructuras, is a Spanish conglomerate corporation. The company runs over 8,000 kilometres of motorways in Europe and America. Abertis manages toll roads and telecommunication infrastructures.

Abertis is part of the IBEX-35 index and is being traded on the Madrid Stock Exchange. Its headquarters are in Madrid, Spain.


Technical satellite detail including channels names and their biss keys are mentioned.

Hispasat 30W-4/30W-5/30W-6 @ 30° West

11342 H 30000 3/4

HSA-128.1 – HSA-128.2 – HSA-128.3
HSA-128.4 – HSA-128.5 – HSA-128.6

11382 H 30000 3/4

HS129.20 – HS129.21 – HS129.22
HS129.23 – HS129.24 – HS129.31
HS129.32 – HS129.33 – HS129.34

BISS CW: 71FD58C6E72F93A9 

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