Satellite TV Updates

A7, A8 & A9 HD started on Hispasat

Hispasat 30W-4/30W-5 @ 30° West

A7, A8 & A9 HD started on

11496 H 7884 8/9
COMBO 2388


Hispasat, S.A is the operating company for a number of Spanish communications satellites that cover the Americas, Europe and North Africa from orbital positions 30° West and 61° West.  It was formed in 1989 and its activities include provision of communication services in the commercial and government sectors (corporate networks, advanced telecommunications services, telephony, videoconferencing, etc.). Hispasat’s fleet of satellites broadcast more than 1,250 television channels and radio stations to more than 30 million homes, as well as providing services such as broadband to mobile telephones and landlines.

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