34 Telekanal biss

34 Telekanal
 5 people during the first ester and 2 hours of broadcasting per week – so in 1991 began the history of one of the most popular TV channels in the region. 
Today, “34 channel” – is broadcast around the clock, is the most popular TV channel region, ahead of rated even some national (research data television audience belong to the Television Industry Committee (TIC), the operator panel – to Nielsen; monitoring – Communications Alliance, the data provided by the TV channel “34” indicators shr%).
Constantly seeks to channel and to expand their audience – so at this moment is already difficult to find a method of transmitting television images, which would not have used the 34-ka – the channel is actively collaborating with cable operators, by itself, is broadcasting in analog and in digital, which cover areas also going to expand in the near future, it has already appeared in the IPTV, is preparing for the launch of mobile applications. In addition, it is the only television station in Dnipropetrovsk, which is currently broadcast via satellite.
In addition, we pay much attention to the direct inclusion – we actively develop this area, considering it a priority. Indeed, in the “Life” mode, you can not throw anything out of the frame, it is more difficult to lie or somehow distort the facts. This trust and confidence of our audience is very important for us.
Technical detail and biss key
34 Telekanal
Astra 4A 4.8°E 12130 V S/R 27500 FEC 3/4 SID:1A0E 
Biss: A5 EB 22 B2 57 6F 75 3B

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