2+2 Biss Astra 4A


2+2 (Ukrainian: ??? ???? ???, dva plyus dva) is a national Ukrainian-language TV channel, owned by the 1+1 Media Group. Its program content is mainly geared for a male audience, targeting a core audience is 25–44 years old.

Due to the Crimean crisis 2014, 2+2 broadcasts in Sevastopol ended on 9 March 2014, at 2.30pm East European time.

2+2 offers broadcasts of sporting events, particularly football and boxing matches, foreign and Russian TV series, movies of different genres (action/smash hit movies, sci-fi, adventures, comedies, detectives, horror movies, disaster movies, historical and criminal dramas, and thrillers), cartoons and humorous programs, sports and entertainment shows of in-house production and erotica.

Satellite technical detail and biss key

2+2 Ukraine 
Astra 4A @ 4.8 east
11766 H 27500
CW: 09 02 19 24 63 23 06 8C 
(Football & Boxing)

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